New poems

Ink, Sweat & Tears is publishing one of my poems on Friday 19 July. Thank you to Helen Ivory at I, S & T for all the good work and inspiring me to add a few of the latest here.

Girls and boys

Why do I turn into a little girl
whenever I see you?
I feel myself in big skirts
all glances over my shoulder


I hate to turn so late into a tease

Or is it that you take me back to
when we played at adults
pretending we could skip the crap
and keep it pure?

Here’s what I think it means

When you share a vision
hold onto it
because the others really do
want to grow up

and the ones that don’t


but for a dark velvet memory
when a woman comes back
tossing her skirt like a girl


Notes for a green and blue poem

Rain on bare arms
In my memory
you are greens and blues
a sea sense
that it will all be alright



I could see the fire
beneath the frost of your gaze
but couldn’t understand
why it licked through your lashes
only as a weapon
men adored as they ran away

Then I saw you
up to the hem of your dress in snow
the moment your childhood petrified
your baby brother locked
beneath the ice
and all transfigured.


Anorexia Oh Yeah

It starts like a song
an unfamiliar heartful of notes
that beckons then begins
to bewitch

By maybe the third play
you’re seduced by the riff
and the lyrics are sticking

You feel like white light
on stage only you
out of reach, beyond touch

This is my protest song
My words of foodless purity

And its adult orientated chorus
– all screaming guitar and
second skin trousers –

I will not grow into you
I will not grow into you

Repeat to fade



She moves like pins
in pain
each steel touch
a shock

A puppet with metal bones
magnetized to herself
making sparks
that never ignite