Painting words

I had almost forgotten about this – a friend stumbled across it on the National Gallery’s website today. It was published under a previous name.

A lovely project – the Gallery invited writers to respond to a work they found themselves particularly drawn to. I’ve always found this painting mesmerising.

On Zubaran’s St Francis in Meditation


2 thoughts on “Painting words

  1. 1. (Contra-flow) Coo. You really should be like a wri-der. Hey waiddaminute…
    2. (Flow) Should you BE that w thing, be advised that this capacity to respond proudly and instinctively and always in a poetic way might be a pretty exciting; for you and us.
    3. (Ebb?) Waiddaminute… you have that!

    yours, vincente di bowleeno. aged 42, in dog years.

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